Fairs and Exhibitions

The University of Magdeburg discovered the fair as an important platform for achieving its own goals at an early stage. Since as long ago as 1992, institutes and departments have been presenting themselves at fairs across Germany. In the process, the Hannover Messe Industrie and CeBIT Hannover have emerged as two of the most important fairs for the university. First and foremost the fair appearances are used to find new project partners and acquire third-party funding, as well as to recruit new students for the programmes that the university offers. Overview of all fairs participated in by the University of Magdeburg since 1998.

In recent years the Research for the Future collaborative project has become the most important platform for presenting the University of Magdeburg. Until 2002 the University of Magdeburg presented itself primarily on the joint Science and Research Saxony-Anhalt stand. After 2002, for cost reasons, this stand was merged with the joint stands of the universities in Saxony and Thuringia and became the joint Research for the Future stand. Since then, the research institutions of Saxony-Anhalt have presented themselves jointly with those from Saxony and Thuringia at trade fairs. This is also the case for the University of Magdeburg, which in this framework is one of the leading members alongside Dresden University of Technology, the University of Halle-Wittenberg, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jena.

All information about the fair appearances as part of the "Research for the Future" collaborative project and the participating exhibitors at a glance.

The fair for students, graduates and interns at OVGU.

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