Other Funding Possibilities

Scholarship from the DAAD

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports various projects for study and research abroad. The DAAD's scholarship database provides information about relevant funding programmes. More
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Annual Fulbright Scholarship for a Year's Study in the USA

The German-American Fulbright Commission awards annual scholarships (as full or partial grants) for an academic year in the United States. The scholarships are advertised for German students and post-graduates one and a half years before the start of the planned stay (around April).

Fulbright Travel Grants for a Study Placement in the USA

The Fulbright travel grants are intended to support the completion of study plans at American universities within the USA. They are advertised in December/January and cover the one-off travel costs from your home to your place of study in the USA and back again. Study placements that begin with the American Fall Term in August/September, preferably in the field of Graduate Studies, may be supported. More

Scholarship from Various Foundations

Various foundations, associations and societies award scholarships for study or work placements abroad: www.stiftungsindex.de | www.stifterverband.de

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