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European Studies

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Degree Conferred:
Master of Arts (M.A.)

4 Semesters


Entry requirements:
Certificate of Higher Education (Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in a relevant subject)

Knowledge of English on C1 level is recommended. For international applicants knowledge of German is expected (minimum on finished B1 level).

Application Details:
There is no limit on the number of places.

The application materials should include a CV in tabular form and in English and an application cover letter Letter of Motivation 1 side, DIN A4) in which the applicant should introduce themselves and establish their incentive to study this particular Masters course.

Application deadline:
Applicants with German Bachelor degree -
apply at OVGU Magdeburg:
  • July 15
Applicants with international Bachelor degree -
apply through uni-assist:
  • July 15



The M.A. European Studies programme is an interdisciplinary course with focus on the areas of European Integration (Ideas, Theories, Institutions and Actors), Governance and Law, European History, European Diversity and Culture, EU Internal and External Relations, International Economics and Macroeconomics as well as Policy Consulting.

The research-orientated course aims to do two things. It concentrates on interdisciplinary acquisition of a rich knowledge which covers both social and cultural sciences, legislation and economics. These skills should enable students to do independent work on European related problem areas. The course also aims that the students make use of funded scientific research and application expertise in one of the core areas with which they will be able to take on a specialisation in a specific area.

Career Perspectives

Depending on specialisation subjects:
  • Research on a national and international level, particularly in the areas of social, cultural and economic sciences.
  • Journalistic employment in the topical area of ‘Europe’.
  • Sociocultural and intercultural agency employment in mass media, charities and NGOs in Europe.
  • Work in public administration and in international organisations.
  • Work in consultancy firms in areas of European politics and business.

Competencies and Interests Required

As well as having outstanding command of the English language, students are expected to be willing to engage themselves with research-orientated perspectives on the topic of Europe and to take an interest in preparing for careers which result from more intense and wider integration processes which are happening in Europe and from the current global trends.

More information

Within the framework of the course students will learn another European language (which isn’t English) either ab initio or improve on a previously learnt language.

Alternatively students can complete an internship at a non-university institution. There is also opportunity for a semester abroad at one of the partner universities. For more information see the

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M.E.S. Zawadzka, Agnieszka
Tel. 0391-67-56660
Fax. 0391-67-46553
Zschokkestr. 32, 39104, Magdeburg

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