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In times of crisis, people come together in solidarity. This is also the case in Magdeburg and the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. Many great offers have already been launched - from childcare and neighbourhood help to blood donation. On this page you will find a - not necessarily complete - overview of the services offered by students of the University of Magdeburg.

Did we miss anything? If you know of any other offers or groups that we have not yet mentioned here, please let us know using the contact form.


Life as we knew it has been fundamentally changed by the coronavirus crisis. As a result of the measures put in place to combat the virus, many students have also lost their part-time jobs, which they need to cover their living expenses and to fund their studies. Now, through no fault of their own, they are finding themselves in financial and existential difficulties. 

OVGU and the Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg e.V. have jointly set up a student relief fund to help the affected students as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible. All donations whatever the amount, will benefit students in need. Students will be able to apply for a one-off subsistence grant of 450 euro as of the 4th of May 2020.

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Donation campaign: Together for Magdeburg

Together for Magdeburg is a fundraising campaign for the generation of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The professorial college emeritio calls on all those who receive secure income to donate in the fight against the effects of the corona virus on the local economy. Senior citizens and pensioners in the population, public servants, civil servants and all those who are financially able can now participate in solidarity by donating for the generation of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

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The kindergarden and schools are closed. Therefore, many parents are faced with the question of how to reconcile work and family life. A research assistant at the university has therefore created a Facebook group in which individuals are brought together and, if necessary, make individual arrangements for childcare. Offers and requests are not reviewed. A care of large groups of children as well as purely financial childcare offers are not desired. In case of symptoms of illness, recent trips to risk areas or contact with infected persons, applications and bids are to be refrained from!

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Our family office has also created a site where you can find many offers: From link collections to knowledge programmes on TV and the net, recommendable internet sites or radio programmes and much more. In addition, support offers are published on the site, such as homework help.

here you can go to the page of the family office


Neighbourhood Help

Who will look after family members in need of care, take the dog out or do some shopping for me when I am in quarantine? These questions have been addressed by the initiative "SOLIDARITY INSTITUTE OF HAMSTER PURCHASES - CORONA HELP MAGDEBURG". The idea came from the digital city magazine "Magdeboogie", which consists of students and alumni of the university. The once small Facebook group has meanwhile developed into a solidarity network in Magdeburg for the coordination of neighbourhood help and support of affected and risk patients. Magdeboogie also designed a notice board for neighbourhood help, which can be used in your own neighbourhood. For a solidary cooperation!

Click here for the website of the initiative

here you can go to the Facebook group

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here you can register as helper

here you can download the poster


Protective equipment self-made

Protective equipment is now in short supply. That is why the initiative "Maker vs Virus" in consultation with clinics and practices in Magdeburg produces protective equipment from the 3D printer. And anyone who also owns a 3D printer can take part - whether privately or as a company. From face visors to breathing masks to door openers - there are no limits to your imagination. In addition, doctors who need equipment can contact the initiative.

The initiative is coordinated by the Macherburg des Grünstreifen e.v. in Buckau, whose website also contains a lot of information about the required products. The student council of the University of Magdeburg has also taken over the coordination of donations, since the volunteers hand over the protective equipment free of charge.

click here to go to the website of the initiative

click here to visit the website of the Macherburg

here you will find a portrait of a Maker

here you can find an article about the initiative


Support for international students and employees

For our international students and employees, time spent in Germany often represents a very special adventure: They do not speak German, some of them come from a completely different culture and know no one here. On top of that, they have a lot to take care of: Finding a new flat, re-registration, health insurance... Through the Buddy Program of the University of Magdeburg, members of the OVGU have been supporting international students and employees who have just come to Magdeburg for years in dealing with authorities, showing them the hotspots of the city and helping them to get to know the new culture. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible at present. But especially now our internationals need the contact to compatriots in order to be able to assess the situation. And this is now possible digitally: via a new e-learning course. Here support can be offered and help sought.

Important: The e-Learning portal is a closed system. Only OVGU members can access it via their user ID.

Click here for the e-Learning course


Donating blood

Donating blood in times of the Corona virus - is that possible? Yes, it is possible! Anyone who feels healthy, does not suffer from coughs, colds or sore throats and has had no contact with proven corona-infected persons or comes from a risk area can continue to donate blood. The donations are urgently needed for operations or cancer patients, among other things. All further information about opening hours of the Uni-Blutbank or mobile blood donations can be found on the website of the Uni-Blutbank Magdeburg.

Website Uni-Blutbank Magdeburg


Support your local business

With Your Local, committed Magdeburg residents and members of the University of Magdeburg would like to make a contribution to supporting local retailers in the current corona crisis. The team has created a digital, local marketplace that offers sales opportunities to the traders of the city of Magdeburg in the current situation - and thus should save them from losing their economic livelihood. Users can even have their goods delivered by cargo bike and car.

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