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Otto von Guericke University aims to slow down the spread of the corona pandemic in order to protect everyone and to ensure a high degree of safety for its teachers and students. At the same time, the university is preparing to gradually scale back the basic mode of operation with minimum contact that has been in effect since March 23, 2020. As a rule, lectures and examinations in the 2020 summer semester will be held without classroom instruction for the time being and, if possible, digital formats will be used. In certain areas, however, face-to-face lectures and examinations will be made possible. Beginning May 4, lectures will be possible under strict hygiene conditions and in small groups.

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Frequently asked questions

The Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg answers frequently asked questions from students in a separate FAQ area. The page is updated regularly.

Information for students entering from a foreign country

  • Up until May 15, 2020, no one is generally permitted to enter or leave Germany without an urgent reason to travel. This also applies to anyone entering or leaving the country with symptoms of illness that could indicate corona infection. Studying at the university is recognized as an urgent reason to enter the country, provided that students are required to be present in person. In this case, students who are not German citizens may enter or commute to Germany for their studies. Particularly in the case of first-time entry, proof from the university that personal attendance is required must be submitted. In addition, students entering the country must provide proof of accommodation. After entry, a 14-day period of quarantine according to the instructions of the BMI (Federal Ministry of the Interior) is mandatory.

  • Students returning or coming from abroad must go into domestic quarantine for 14 days after their arrival from abroad and are not permitted to participate in the study program. As a precautionary measure, you must contact the Public Health Department in charge. During these 14 days, students should avoid going on campus, to the library or to the cafeteria. This should slow down the further spread of coronavirus.

  • These rules must be consistently observed in the interest of all students and teachers. The faculties are asked to support students so that no further disadvantages arise from the downtime.

Protection against infection

  • To protect against infection, please observe the general etiquette for coughing and sneezing as well as personal hygiene, in particular, by regularly washing your hands properly. Keep a sufficient distance from others (at least 2 meters). In your dealings with others, please avoid physical contact (e.g. shaking hands).

  • It is generally recommended that mouth and nose masks be worn in dealings with others. This is generally obligatory when visiting the University Library and the Campus Service Center. At the University Library, however, it is possible to take off your mouth and nose mask when working at the respective desk.

In order to avoid having to wear masks during an examination or a course, it must be ensured that the seating arrangements allow a minimum distance of two meters between two adjacent persons. Please observe the respective rules and follow the instructions provided by teaching staff. These measures apply with immediate effect. In light of the fact that the infection is spreading at a dynamic rate in Europe and Germany, it may be necessary to adjust measures at short notice.

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