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All donations will benefit students struggling to cover their living expenses due to the current situation. The funds we receive will be used to provide one-off grants of 450 euros.

Help us to help!

The Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg e.V. has supported the emergency fund with a sum of 5,000 euros. A total of 15,000 euros was received from students of the university. But even the small sums can make a big difference. Together we can help those affected: no matter whether you donate 5, 50 or 500 Euros.

Total donations to date: 84.500 €

Status: 10.08.2020 | 12:30 pm

You can donate in any of the following ways

  • By bank transfer using the following details

    recipient: Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg e.V.
    Name of bank: Commerzbank Magdeburg
    IBAN: DE39 8104 0000 0209 2047 00
    Purpose: Nothilfefonds für Studierende der OVGU (OVGU Student Relief Fund)

  • By PayPal
    You can easily donate via PayPal

  • By QR code in your bank app (click to enlarge)
    Note: you will need to log in to your own banking app for this.

Barcode Jetzt spenden für Nothilfefonds der Uni Magdeburg

Publicly listed donors

May we publicly list you as a donor on the website and keep you updated on the progress of the fundraising campaign? Then please complete the online form.

Donation receipts

All donations to the Freunde und Förderer der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg e.V. are tax deductible. We will gladly issue a donation receipt for donations of 200 euros or more. For the donation receipt please contact with your name and full address.

Our supporters

Many thanks to the 527 supporters* who have already donated for students in need! These include**:

  • Hanna Astafan
  • Adelheid Babinsky
  • Dr. Anne Bayrhammer
  • Anna Lena Behle
  • Johannes Behrens
  • Prof. Dr. Renate Belentschikow
  • Thomas Manfred Benziger
  • Susanne Bergemann-Schmücking
  • Thomas Braumann
  • Prof. Dr. med. Rüdiger Braun-Dullaeus
  • Dr. Ulrich Busse
  • Dr. Sabine Busse
  • Johannes Cramer
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Dick
  • Pavlo Doshyn
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Dreher
  • Martin Ecke
  • Sybille Enzmann
  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Fischer
  • Dipl.-Phys. Bernd Garke
  • Prof. Dr. Bertram Gerber
  • Antje Glasse
  • Sven Glasse
  • Uwe Göranson
  • Katja Grunenberg
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Halle
  • Charlotte Hartmann
  • Bernd & Isolde Hartung
  • Jonas Hielscher
  • Annette Hoeschen
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Hoeschen
  • Jens Ilg
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Jenewein
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Juhre
  • Michael Kauert
  • Veronika Kauert
  • Dr. Rainer Kleber
  • Elias Kluth
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Knabe
  • Olga Knyazkova
  • Kristian Kociemba
  • Dr. Maria Kondratjuk
  • Pierre Kopsch
  • Jana Krietsch
  • Dr. Kristine Krug
  • Tobias Krull
  • Prof. Dr. Nora Kulak
  • Linda Kunze
  • Christian Künzel
  • Jürgen Lehmann
  • Prof. Dr. Volkmar Leßmann
  • Dr. Kerstin Leyh-Page
  • Madeleine Linke
  • Markus Loichen
  • LOTTO Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Dr.-Ing. Mathias Magdowski
  • Sandeep Yadav Mattepu
  • Angela Matthies
  • Ankit Mukherjee
  • Vasu Dev Mukku
  • Siew-Wan & Prof. Dr. Claus-Dieter Ohl
  • Dmytro Parparov
  • Dr.-Ing. Jörg Jens Pieschel
  • Alexander Pistorius
  • Planungsbüro Kersten
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz
  • Alexander Pozdnyakov
  • Prof. Dr. Georg Rose
  • Sebastian Rosenkranz
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Rottengruber
  • Prof. Dr. Abdolkarim Sadrieh
  • Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schallschmidt
  • Sandra Scheer
  • Prof. Dr. Franziska Scheffler
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Scheffler
  • Dr. Daniel Schenk
  • Manfred Schneegans
  • Steffen Schulze
  • Dr. Marion Schulze
  • Marco Schwerdtfeger
  • Prof. Dr. Constanze Seidenbecher
  • Prof. Dr. Astrid Seltrecht
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Speck
  • Silke Springer
  • Ina Stausebach
  • Gerald Steep
  • Steinbeis-Transferzentrum - Creative Safety Technology and Research (CSTR)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Strackeljan
  • Stefanie Thärig
  • Prof. Dr. Dominique Thevenin
  • Prof. Dr. Berend van Wachem
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Vick
  • Grit & Andreas Voigt
  • Dr. Matthias von Andrian
  • Katharina Vorwerk
  • Kai Wächter
  • Sönke Weinert
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Wendemuth
  • apl. Prof. Dr. Ilse Wieland
  • Silke Zur

**persons who have agreed to be named publicly

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