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If climatologists are right, we need a quite good climate change policy quite fast. Unfortunately, there is none in sight. We rather waste our valuable time with valuable resources. If we want to achieve something, we must not hold up ourselves with ideological preferences, but we have to draw on our inner strength and work effectively.
This is only possible, if we finally understand that climate change policy follows economical law Ė if we like it or not. If these laws are disregarded, then policy is pursued which many costs and is not effective.

This book points out the fundamental mistakes of climate change policy, which might have fatal repercussions. In an easily understandable way it is explained, for example, why renewable energies do not save CO in the age of emission trading, or why the decisions of oil sheiks are more important than of the Ministers for the Environment. However, this book is not only about criticism. It is also demonstrated how policy should be to lead to a change in the struggle for our climate.

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An example for the application-orientated work is the Magdeburger Alternative.

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