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Which Information is saved on the Chip?

Will I get a new UNiCard each semester?

No, this is not necessary. Having finished your re-registration you insert the card into one of the validation terminals and the new semester will be printed onto it.

Where can I find validation terminals?

What shall I do having lost my UniCard?

Should you have lost your UniCard or should it not work properly you have to immediately inform the Students’ Office about that. The card can be blocked by the Students’ Office staff only.If necessary a new card will be set up for a charge according to the university’s Scale of Charges. Loss of your UniCard means as well loss of the amount of money saved on it.

Further Information about the UniCard:


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UniCard Muster
The image shows the UniCard for students enrolled from 2010 on. The previous UniCard remains valid and can be used without any limitation. All students holding an „old“ UniCard may change it for a new one at the Campus Service Center. The charge is € 10.30. The new cards were introduced because of new technolgies and the university’s new corporate design.