Application Rules

With regard to awarding and settlement, the following must be taken into account:

OVGU students in all disciplines are entitled to receive funding, in conjunction with the supervising institute / chair. The award may be split pro-rata between the institute and the student.

  1. The "Transfer Voucher Application" form must be completed in full in machine-readable format (use the current version of Acrobat Reader). The signatures of the student applying for the funding and the supervising lecturer (Institute / Departmental Head) will be required for this. Vouchers for projects that have already commenced may only be awarded retrospectively in exceptional circumstances.  In the case of team projects, the applicant represents the team; only one voucher will be awarded per team project. Offers from companies for projects can be found under the following link: Offers from Companies. The page is continuously updated. Moreover, any other project with companies from the federal state can be proposed.
  2. The TTZ checks the application conditions and the Vice President for Research, Technology and Equal Opportunities  makes a final decision over the approval and awarding of the vouchers. As many firms as possible should benefit from the funding, for which reason the number of vouchers awarded per company is generally limited to 5 voucher projects per year. Applications in excess of this number shall be decided upon by OVGU depending on the size of the company and the existing cooperation relationships.
  3. The work is generally completed within six months of the project start, and a report on the results is produced (min. 15 pages). Final theses are automatically deemed to report on the results.
  4. The company and the lecturer confirm that the work has been properly executed by signing the transfer voucher.
  5. The student takes part in the Online Survey to evaluate the transfer voucher programme. This can be accessed via the following link: The survey takes around 5 minutes to complete.
  6. After concluding the project work and filling in the Online Survey the student submits the completed and confirmed transfer voucher to the Technology Transfer Centre together with a file copy of the work for inspection.
  7. Once the TTZ confirms that the project work has been satisfactorily completed, the funds are transferred. In the event that the funds are shared proportionally between the student and the institute, the institute's share may only be transferred to a third-party funding account. A cross-subsidisation of research institutions or institutes is not in accordance with the funding programme.
  8. Copyright lies categorically with the author of the work, unless otherwise agreed.

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