OVGU Science Awards

Otto von Guericke research prize

The Otto von Guericke Research Prize may be awarded to members of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg for outstanding scientific achievements. As a rule, one prize may be awarded to a single person or group of researchers. Source: award regulations

Dissertation prize

From the submitted faculty awards for the best doctoral candidate, the research committee of the Senate may, as a rule by the end of October of the current year, select a prize winner to whom to award the dissertation prize.

Faculty prize for the best doctoral candidates in each faculty

For the faculty prize to be awarded to the best graduate from the faculty, the minimum requirement is an overall grade of excellent in the final examination.

Eike von Repgow scholarship

Prize awarded by Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg in conjunction with the state capital of Magdeburg.

Klaus Erich Pollmann research award

The prize is aimed at one or more young scientist(s) at OVGU after completion of their doctorate(s), whose work was graded "summa cum laude". Those who are entitled to apply must cooperate with other scientists in domestic or foreign universities through their further scientific research work, and, through possible joint research projects, promote the international profile of the University of Magdeburg. The research prize must be used accordingly to further this cause.

Karin Witte prize for female scientists

In accordance with the wishes of the benefactor, this prize is aimed at especially talented female scientists from the field of natural sciences, with the objective of motivating them to continue their scientific careers at OVGU.

Otto von Guericke teaching prize

The Otto von Guericke Teaching Prize takes into account the various different aspects and multifaceted nature of good teaching. "Awarding a university teaching prize gives the university the opportunity to enhance its teaching reputation and the visibility of teaching. We seek to reward excellent teaching and teachers and provide the impetus that will stimulate dialogue regarding the importance of good teaching and highlight development potential," says Vice President Professor Scheffler. The award honours a different focal area every year in such a way as to do justice to the existing range of subjects at the University of Magdeburg and recognise the entire teaching staff.

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