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Data and Knowledge Engineering

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Degree Conferred:
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

4 Semesters

Winter and summer semester

Entry requirements:
The target group of the Master Data and Knowledge Engineering are better-than-average graduates with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science or in a related field with a minimum grade point average of 2,6. The duration of that Bachelor degree must be at least 3 years (six semesters).

The Master DKE can be studied on German and on English. Therefore, foreign students must deliver proofs of master at least one of the two languages. For German, the certificate expected is DSH. For English, different certificates are acceptable, among them TOEFL (197 points computer-based, 525 points paper-based) and IELTS (band 6).

Detailed information about the prerequisites for the Master DKE, including information on the language certificates and on the degrees that are considered equivalent to a Bachelor in Computer Science, can be found in the statutes of the Master DKE. The statutes are available electronically under:

Application Details:
Application instructions can be downloaded from the web pages of the University:

Application deadline:
Applicants with German Bachelor degree -
apply at OVGU Magdeburg:
  • winter semester: September 15
  • summer semester: March 15
Applicants with international Bachelor degree -
apply through uni-assist:
  • winter semester: July 15
  • summer semester: January 15



In the Master Data and Knowledge Engineering students acquire solid knowledge on the theoretical aspects and application areas of knowledge discovery, machine learning, data mining and warehousing, of the supporting database technologies, the languages and models for the representation of data, information and knowledge.The Master DKE offers interdisciplinary courses, practical exercises and project works, in which students become familiar with the challenges of applications in business, natural sciences, biotechnology, security, manufacturing and engineering. They obtain the expertise and skills necessary for the design and realization of innovative solutions - working in one-person projects and in teams.

Career Perspectives

  • Knowledge engineers in large institutions like banks, automobile industry and medical centers
  • Project leaders for interdisciplinary projects of large and medium enterprises
  • Consultants in such
  • PhD studies for an academic career

Competencies and Interests Required

  • A solid background in computer science is indispensable.
  • Background in machine learning and data mining is not a prerequisite, since such domain knowledge can be acquired in the first semester of the Master DKE. Master DKE students that bring such knowledge from their previous degree have a larger selection of advanced courses from the first semester on.
  • Reading and understanding English is important: Data and Knowledge Engineering is an area of intensive research, a large part of the scientific literature is on English.
  • Inclination for self-standing work and for teamwork

Academic Counseling

Prof. Spiliopoulou, Myra
Tel. 0391-67-58967
Fax. 0391-67-18110
Gebäude 29, Universitätsplatz 2, 39106, Magdeburg

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