Can I plug EddyCation to my notebook?

Yes, you can if it runs Windows®7, 8, 8.1 or 10. The hardware has to be for:

Instruments up to 20 kHz (EddyCation and EddyCationPlus): Intel i3,  2 GB RAM and USB-Port.

Instruments up to 5 MHz (EddyCationHF und EddyCationHFR): Intel i5,  4 GB RAM and USB-Port.


Does EddyCation software need to be installed?
No, you can run EddyCation like a tool. For instruments up to 20 kHz the drivers come with Windows and are used automatically. For instruments up to 5 MHz we provide the drivers. You install them by simply clicking an installer.

How do I transfer the signal pattern to different applications?
With MS-Word® installed you simply press Ctrl-W and EddyCation generates the report automatically. For other applications you copy the pattern by pressing Crtl-C to the clipboard and paste it by Ctrl-V into your application. The setting may be transferred by Ctrl-E und Ctrl-V.

How to transfer the currently measured data to another PC or to another application?

The latest version of EddyCation is called HighFreq and comes with a TCP/IP-Client  transmitting the data via network to a server application.


Can I use third party probes with EddyCation?

EddyCation works best with the original probes but transformatoric third party probes also may be used.


Can I self-teach eddy current inspection?

Your chance is worst. You will need an experienced teacher. But EddyCation und fxEddy are the most favourite team for training and repetition of the taught material.


I am an NDT teacher. Where can I get supplementary material for my lectures?

Please contact the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung (DGZfP e.V.). You can obtain for small contribution overhead transparencies. PowerPoint®-presentations currently are prepared.


Is it possible to get eddy current images similar to X-rays or ultrasonic C-scans?

Yes, recently the eddy current imaging became reality. This breakthrough was made at the Magdeburg University. Read more!


Eddy current inspection with EddyCation