Instruction for authors


General Instruction

Preferrably, the article should be written with LaTeX. The most important features of the style guidelines are implemented in the files contained in

Please suggest three international well known reviewers for your paper when you submit it.

Other word processors may be used if the style guidelines are observed to by the author. An example file for Microsoft Word is available.

Please observe the example. (Acrobat Reader)

Special Instruction for LaTeX users

LaTeX support files
The file contains the following items:  

techmech.sty Package file to be included in the article that sets the important style features.

natbib.sty The natbib package that manages the correct author-year citation style. Authors can use the standard /cite command, but additional variants are available. Also available via CTAN.

natbib.drv A driver file for natbib.

techmech.bst A BibTeX style file for preparation of the list of references according to the style guidelines. Use of BibTeX is strongly recommended.

example.tex,example.bib,example.pdf An example article.

sample.tex,sample.bib A very short sample file that may use as a template.


Black and white artwork is best included using the standard LaTeX graphics packages. The use of encapsulated postscript (*.eps) files is recommended. Please avoid nonstandard PStricks.

Document and Page Layout

Page size is DIN A4, no page numbers, no header, no footer, no footnotes, 25 mm left and right margin, single space, one line distance between paragraphs, no indentation for the first line of a paragraph, 40 mm margin between upper edge and title, 6 mm between title and author names, 9 mm between author names and abstract, 9 mm before and 6 mm after chapter heads.

Type-face and size: Title 16pt, bold face; author names 10p, Roman; abstract 10p, italics; section headings 10 pt, bold face; text 10 pt, Roman.

No bold face or italic letters should be used within the text.

Symbols appearing in the text and the formulas must have the same styles and size. The size of the text is 10 pt. Smaller symbols must not be used, neither in the text nor in the figures, formulae, tabels, etc. All papers are printed in black/white. The online version appears in colours. However, all figures must be also understandable in b/w.


All symbols used must be properly defined in the text or through appropriate equations.

Equations not embedded in the text must keep an indentation of 10 mm and should be specified by continuous numbers. Reference to an equation should be made in analogy to "see equation (24)".

All variables and indices should be written in italics. No italics are used in case of bold face letter for units, functions as well as vectors and tensors.

When using the word processor WORD for WINDOWS, then the equations editor should be set to: Full 10p, Subscript/Superscript 7 pt, Sub-Subscript/Superscript 5p, Symbol 18p, Sub-symbol 12p.

 Figures and Tables

Figures and tables must not be collected in an appendix but should be arranged in the text, centred between paragraphs.

Figure and table headings (Roman, 10pt) should have the following structure: "Figure 3. Density distribution" or "Table 3. Density distribution".


References must follow author-year style (DIN 1505). It states that in the text the reference consists of the name of one author and the year of publication, e.g. "Schulze (1991)" and "(Schulze, 1991) or "Müller and Schulze (1992)" and "(Müller and Schulze, 1992)" or "Schulze et al. (1991)" and "(Schulze et al., 1991)", respectively. Author's names should not be typed in Small Caps.

At the end of the text the list of references, headed "References", is arranged alphabetically. The following structure should be kept: "Tejman, J.; Wu, W.: Numerical study on patterning of shear bands in a Cosserat continuum. Acta Mech., 99, (1993), 61-74".


Addresses of all authors are given at the end of the article; the form should be in accordance with the example.

Instruction for Authors Download: (here)

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