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Linear Elastic Actuator of a Biped Robot "ROTTO"

Biped Robot "ROTTO": Design, Simulation, Experiments

RobotsLab - SLAIR informations page
SLAIR - Six Legged Autonomous Intelligent Robot
A modular six-legged walking robot has been developed by special team from Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation, Magdeburg.

This robot has such features as high mobility and manoeuvrability, capable to walk over unknown terrain, climb up obstacles and it can do some inspection and service operations.

As a complex mechatronic system, a walking robot can be used as for research of scientific so for applied problems such as:
-investigations in gait generation and motion control;
-interaction with various terrain and objects;
-motion on soft and slippery surface, adaptation to the surface with unknown and changing load capacity;
-usage of the robot's body as an adaptive chassis for such tasks as tool carrier for various service operations (such as drilling, mounting etc.);
-inspection tasks in closed rooms, pipes, on complex terrain, especially in areas with harmful environmental conditions that are hazardous for humans;
-development and optimization of various algorithms for motion, climbing and service operations;
-passing over obstacles that are much bigger then robot's body, and motion over complex terrain;
-ability to walk up stairs and through tiny spaces;
-ability to use one or more legs as a manipulator.

The DSP® system inside the body controls and monitors all actuators and sensors of the robot. The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) of the robot provides flexibility and simplifies the development of control algorithms.

The main distinctive features of the robot are the active degrees of freedom in the body that makes it possible to avoid and to climb large obstacles. The sensibility of the legs with the help of 3-component force sensors and force feedback provides new features:
-foot force distribution;
-identification of mechanical properties of the ground;
-maintenance of static stability in a complex terrain.

The following base control functions of locomotion and manoeuvring are integrated:
-individual control of each leg and segments of the body;
-control of width of a track and clearance of robot;
-robot motion gait: tripod, gallop and serial;
-movement in any direction, turns of the robot;
-manoeuvring by the body;
-force control.
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