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Linear Elastic Actuator of a Biped Robot "ROTTO"

Biped Robot "ROTTO": Design, Simulation, Experiments

RobotsLab - ROTTO videos
Video filming of robot*
Test of the robot's actuators (7.67Mb) This video shows periodical motion of the robot's linear actuator, which is driven by the synchronous motor.
First Ballistic Walking (4.98Mb) This video shows the ballistic walking in the air of humanlike robot "ROTTO".
First Static Walking (10.00Mb) This video shows the first static walking of humanlike robot "ROTTO". The robot motion based only on the static off-line obtained joint's trajectories without any stability control loops.
Some Walking/Staying Experiments (16.00Mb) This video shows some experiments on humanlike robot "ROTTO" such as experiments on robot's foots, stabilization of CoP, damping of the undesirable body velocity, some walking motion and so on.
Experiments with compliant actuators(31.00Mb, WMV)
Experiments with compliant 2D-2DOF simple leg(25.00Mb, WMV)
Experiments with two legged robot "ROTTO"(32.00Mb, WMV)
Experiments with complince and dynamic walking (22.40Mb, WMV)
Expressive robot "ROTTO" in human-robot interaction (23.90Mb, WMV)
*you should have DivX codec or Windows Media Video Codec installed to play the video. If the video doesn't play on-line, please download the video and save it. Then you can enjoy video on your computer screen. To save the video, please, click right mouse button on video's link and choose the "Save as..." from menu items
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