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Linear Elastic Actuator of a Biped Robot "ROTTO"

Biped Robot "ROTTO": Design, Simulation, Experiments

RobotsLab - ROTTO technical informations page
-Aluminium construction with carbon pieces
-Walking mechanism: 2 legged humanlike robot with 5 degrees of freedom per leg and 2 degrees of freedom in the body
-Active degrees of freedom: 12
-Leg length:
thighl1=300 mm
shankl2=320 mm
-Body dimensions:
total lengthLB=300 mm
-Drives:EC motors Maxon 24V
Sensor system
-Angle (magnetic rotatory encoder) in each joint
-IGRs in each motor
-2 six-component force sensors mounted in the leg shanks
-Six-component accelerometer in the body
On-board control hardware
-Processor NetX by Hilscher in each segment
(current control loop <0.05ms)
-Ethernet communication via network processor NetX by Hilscher in each segment
-PC connection over Ethernet (control loop 1ms)
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