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Linear Elastic Actuator of a Biped Robot "ROTTO"

Biped Robot "ROTTO": Design, Simulation, Experiments

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ROTTO - Humanlike Robot
A prototype of a humanlike two-legged walking robot has been developed by Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg.

The robot mechanics, sensor system and control system guaranty a high precision motion control, abbility to measure and control the support reactions as well as to control and forecast the robot motion stability.

The real-time connection between robot's modules and host PC is made via netX based communication bridge. The Ethernet protocol is chosen for the communication between robot's modules and host PC.

The netX processors on each motion's actuators control and monitor all actuators and sensors of the robot. The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) of the robot provides flexibility and simplifies the development of control algorithms.

A walking robot as a complex mechatronic system can be used for research of scientific and applied problems, such as:

-investigations in gait generation and motion control;
-development of energy optimal gaits;
-investigation of ballistic motion of robot;
-development of adaptive motion control using the feedback linearization methodology;
-development of force/impedance control;
-inspection tasks in closed rooms, pipes, on complex terrain, especially in areas with harmful environmental conditions that are hazardous for humans;
-development and optimization of various algorithms for motion, climbing and service operations;
-passing over obstacles that are much bigger then robot's body, and motion over complex terrain;
-ability to walk up stairs and through tiny spaces.
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