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Linear Elastic Actuator of a Biped Robot "ROTTO"

Biped Robot "ROTTO": Design, Simulation, Experiments

Biped Robot "ROTTO": Stiff and Compliant

Presentation of a New Biped Robot "ROTTO"

Low-Level Control System of a New Biped Robot "ROTTO"

Linear Drive With Serial Elastic Actuator for Anthropomorphous Robot "ROTTO" (on russian)

Linear Drive For Anthropomorphous Robot "ROTTO" (on russian)

Development and Test of the Walking Robot "ANTON"

Walking Robot "ANTON": Design, Simulation, Experiments

Real-time Distributed Control System of Legged Robot (on German)

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Android World - Anthropomorphic Robots & Animatronics This site is devoted to androids. An android is an anthropomorphic robot - i.e. a robot that looks like a human. Many android developers call their creations "humanoids" rather than androids. We also have robotics links, robot links, animatronics links, and research links.

Micromagic Systems Micromagic systems was founded in 1999 to supply animatronic, robotic and puppet control systems and services to the film and television industry. It has developed a variety of products from servo reversers through to complete performance systems which have played pivotal roles in award-winning productions ranging from feature films (the Harry Potter series) to music videos (Massive Attack) to commercials (Lloyds TSB).

Home of Tarry I & II (German) Dies ist die Homepage der Tarry Gehmaschinen, die an der Universität Duisburg im Fachgebiet Mechanik entwickelt und gebaut wurden.

Sechsbeiniger Laufroboter TOBOR (German) TOBOR ist ein privates Projekt von Thomas Schanz und Christoph Tenzer.

VUB - Bipedal Walking Robot Lucy The Robotics and Multibody Mechanics Research Group of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) started its research activities on computer-aided analysis of rigid and flexible mechanical systems in 1990. Its main research is focused on kinematical and dynamical simulations and on the development of new actuators as well as on the control of these mechanical systems. This site focuses on the development of a biped named "LUCY".

DFKI Bremen - Robotics Lab The Research Group Robotics belongs to the DFKI Laboratory Bremen which was founded in 2006 and is part of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) with locations in Saarbrücken and Kaiserslautern. Essentially, the Research Group Robotics is based on research and development activities of the Robotics Group at the University of Bremen concentrating predominantly on five areas of Artificial Intelligence: Underwater Robotics, Space Robotics, Cognitive Robotics, Logistics & Production Robotics, Search and Rescue Robotics and Security Robotics.

Aaron Edsinger Humanoid Robotics Group MIT - Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence Lab.

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September 2008
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August 2008
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May-June 2008
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April 2008
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February 2008
-ROTTO is in manufacturing stage
December 2007
-Updated photos of ANTON from SPS/IPC/Drives 2007 Exhibition
-ROTTO is in development stage
November 2007
-Participation on SPS/IPC/Drives 2007 in Nürnberg
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October 2007
-Defence of Doctor Thesis by Vadym Rusin
July 2007
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May 2007
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April 2007
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-Updated real photos of SLAIR 2
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-ANTON is in manufacturing stage
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