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Katharina - Six Legged Walking Robot
The six-legged walking robot "Katharina", developed in Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg, has a supervisory control system and force sensing systems which enable to realize various types of locomotion with parallel independent body motion control, and automatic leg adaptation to small irregularities of a surface and provides uniform distribution of support reactions.

The DSP® system inside the body controls and monitors all actuators and sensors of the robot. The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) of the robot provides flexibility and simplifies the development of control algorithms.

"Katharina" is a high-complex, non-linear, time-variant, electromechanical system and controller design must take into consideration the following non-linearities:
-Mechanical non-linearities: mechanical constraints, changing weight, dry/viscous friction, load variation, non-deterministic and changing environment;
-Electromechanical and electrical non-linearities: variable drive parameters (e.g. changing inertia), current and voltage limitation of the converter, discontinuous current mode, noises, sampling time of the control system.

The following base control functions of locomotion and manoeuvring are integrated:
-individual control of each leg and segments of the body;
-control of width of a track and clearance of robot;
-robot motion gait: tripod, gallop and serial;
-movement in any direction;
-force control.
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