Optionaler Bereich: Philosophy and Ethics of Science


Philosophy and Ethics of Science

Leitung: Prof. Dr. Lyre
Zeit und Ort: mittwochs, 17.00-19.00Uhr, 

Inhalt: This introductory lecture is mainly concerned with the philosophy of science and focuses on the methods, foundations and implications of science. The lecture will be given in English (with intermediate German comments). It includes general and applied philosophy of science as well as issues from scientific ethics. General philosophy of science covers theories of scientific explanation and confirmation (induction, deduction, abduction, Bayesianism), concepts of scientific theories and models, theory holism and underdetermination, and the scientific realism debate. The part about applied philosophy of science will be concerned with selected topics from the philosophy of physics, biology and the neurosciences. The lecture is open to students from all faculties.

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