The ERASMUS programme is a mobility programme sponsored by the European Union for students wishing to undertake one or two semesters of study abroad within Europe. Use your opportunity to participate in one of the 290 ERASMUS-accredited tuition-free exchange courses.

OVGU maintains bilateral agreements with more than 20 universities outside Europe - USA, Canada, Asia, Central and South America.  The students can participate in the WORLDWIDE exchange programme In frames of these partnerships.

The OVGU grants scholarships for up to 6 months stay abroad to support high-achieving students in OVGU's WORLDWIDE programme. Furthermore, free mover studies and foreign placements for the completion of degree theses may be supported.

The following programmes carried out in frames of partnerships with universities in Russia are mainly interesting for students of European Studies, Sociology, Political Sciences and Economics.

Find about other funding opportunities to finance you study abroad, such as scholarships from various foundations, associations and societies.

Free mover study visits are independently organised courses of study at a non-partner university worldwide. Good planning here is necessary.

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