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High-Performance 500 V Quasi- and Fully-Vertical GaN-on-Si pn Diodes
Yuhao Zhang, Daniel Piedra, Min Sun, Jonas Hennig, Armin Dadgar, Lili Yu, and Tomas Palacios, IEEE Electron Device Letters, abstract

Properties of C-doped GaN
Andreas Lesnik, Marc P. Hoffmann, Aqdas Fariza, Jürgen Bläsing, Hartmut Witte, Peter Veit, Florian Hörich, Christoph Berger, Jonas Hennig, Armin Dadgar, and André Strittmatter, Phys. Status Solidi B, (2016), abstract

On reduction of current leakage in GaN by carbon-doping
Aqdas Fariza, Andreas Lesnik, Jürgen Bläsing, Marc P. Hoffmann, Florian Hörich, Peter Veit, Hartmut Witte, Armin Dadgar, and André Strittmatter, Applied Physics Letters 109, 212102 (2016), abstract

Termination of hollow core nanopipes in GaN by an AlN interlayer
O. Contreras, F. Ruiz-Zepeda, M. Avalos-Borjac, A. Dadgar, and A. Krost, Journal of Crystal Growth 455, 63 (2016), abstract

Clustered quantum dots in single GaN islands formed at threading dislocations
Gordon Schmidt, Peter Veit, Christoph Berger, Frank Bertram, Armin Dadgar, André Strittmatter, and Jürgen Christen, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 55, 05FF04 (2016), abstract

Nanoscale cathodoluminescence of stacking faults and partial dislocations in a-plane GaN
Gordon Schmidt, Peter Veit, Matthias Wieneke, Frank Bertram, Armin Dadgar, Alois Krost and Jürgen Christen, Physica Status Solidi (b) 253, 73 (2016), abstract

Metalorganic chemical vapor phase epitaxy of narrow-band distributed Bragg reflectors realized by GaN:Ge modulation doping
Christoph Berger, Andreas Lesnik, Thomas Zettler, Gordon Schmidt, Peter Veit, Armin Dadgar, Jürgen Bläsing, Jürgen Christen, and André Strittmatter, Journal of Crystal Growth 440, 6 (2016), abstract

Polarization engineering of c-plane InGaN quantum wells by pulsed-flow growth of AlInGaN barriers
Silvio Neugebauer, Sebastian Metzner, Jürgen Bläsing, Frank Bertram, Armin Dadgar, Jürgen Christen andAndré Strittmatter, Physica Status Solidi (b) 253, 118 (2016), abstract

Germanium – the superior dopant in n-type GaN
C. Nenstiel, M. Bügler, G. Callsen, F. Nippert, T. Kure, S. Fritze, A. Dadgar, H. Witte, J. Bläsing, A. Krost and A. Hoffmann, Physica Status Solidi rapid research letters 9, 716 (2015), abstract

Enhanced sheet carrier densities in polarization controlled AlInN/AlN/GaN/InGaN field-effect transistor on Si (111)
J. Hennig, A. Dadgar, H. Witte, J. Bläsing, A. Lesnik, A. Strittmatter, and A. Krost, AIP Advances 5, 077146 (2015), abstract

Deposition of Iridium Thin Films on Three-Dimensional Structures With PE-MOCVD
Chia-Pin Yeh, Marco Lisker, Jürgen Bläsing, Oleksandr Khorkhordin, Bodo Kalkofen, and Edmund P. Burte, Chemical Vapor Deposition 21, 46 (2015), abstract

Direct evidence of single quantum dot emission from GaN islands formed at threading dislocations using nanoscale cathodoluminescence: A source of single photons in the ultraviolet
Gordon Schmidt, Christoph Berger, Peter Veit, Sebastian Metzner, Frank Bertram, Jürgen Bläsing, Armin Dadgar, Andre Strittmatter, Jürgen Christen, Gordon Callsen, Stefan Kalinowski, and Axel Hoffmann, Applied Physics Letters 106, (2015), abstract

Sixteen years GaN on Si
Armin Dadgar, Physica Status Solidi B 252, 1063 (2015), abstract

Growth of AlInN/GaN distributed Bragg reflectors with improved interface quality
C. Berger, A. Dadgar, J. Bläsing, A. Lesnik, P. Veit, G. Schmidt, T. Hempel, J. Christen, A. Krost, and A. Strittmatter, Journal of Crystal Growth 414, 105 (2015), abstract

High-frequency detection of cell activity of Physarum polycephalum by a planar open gate AlGaN/GaN HEMT
Hartmut Witte, Thomas Lippelt, Christian Warnke, Armin Dadgar, Marcus J B Hauser and Alois Krost, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47, 425401 (2014), abstract

Characterization of AlInN/AlN/GaN FET structures using x-ray diffraction, x-ray reflectometry and grazing incidence x-ray fluorescence analysis
Andreas Lesnik, Jürgen Bläsing, Jonas Hennig, Armin Dadgar and Alois Krost, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47, 355106 (2014), abstract

Band gap renormalization and Burstein-Moss effect in silicon- and germanium-doped wurtzite GaN up to 1020 cm-3
Martin Feneberg, Sarah Osterburg, Karsten Lange, Christian Lidig, Bernd Garke, Rüdiger Goldhahn, Eberhard Richter, Carsten Netzel, Maciej D. Neumann, Norbert Esser, Stephanie Fritze, Hartmut Witte, Jürgen Bläsing, Armin Dadgar, and Alois Krost, Phys. Rev. B 90, 075203397 (2014), abstract

Wafer curvature, temperature inhomogeneity, plastic deformation and their impact on the properties of GaN on silicon power and opto-electronic structures
Oliver Schulz,Armin Dadgar,Jonas Hennig, Oliver Krumm, Stephanie Fritze, Jürgen Bläsing, Hartmut Witte, Annette Diez and Alois Krost, physica status solidi (c) 11, 397 (2014), abstract

X-ray multiple diffraction of ZnO substrates and heteroepitaxial thin films
Marius Grundmann, Michael Scheibe, Michael Lorenz, Jürgen Bläsing, and Alois Krost, physica status solidi (b) 251, 850 (2014), abstract

High-pressure Raman scattering in InGaN heteroepitaxial layers: Effect of the substrate on the phonon pressure coefficients
MR. Oliva, J. Ibáñez, R. Cuscó, A. Dadgar, A. Krost, J. Gandhi, A. Bensaoula, and L. Artús, Applied Physics Letters 104, 142101 (2014), abstract

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